The following materials are used for concrete production:

According to DS/EN 1992-1-1 DK NA:2021 foundation piles must be declared for exposure classes XC2 and XA1. Centrum Pæle’s Standard piles are declared according to the exposure classes: XC4, XS1, XD1 and XA2 and can thus be used in most cases.

If there is a need for piles that must meet other exposure classes, we offer these as special piles.


The stones used as aggregate in our standard products are marine dredged materials. The materials are excavated from the North Sea and subsequently washed and fractionated. The stones are supplied as a material of the Danish environmental class A and as a certified material. On request, we also use granite to obtain the environmental class E.


The sand is excavated from a local gravel pit and subsequently washed and fractionated. The sand is supplied as a certified material of the Danish environmental class E.


The cement is declared and certified according DS EN 197-1 and DS INF 135:2005. The cement is low-alkali meaning that it prevents initiation of alkali-silica reactions.


Both the air-entraining agent and the plasticizers are certified according to EN 934-2 and are partly developed especially for Centrum Pæle.


The water comes from our own water well. To ensure sensible use of water resources, we recycle some of the water used for cleaning of production equipment. The water is controlled continuously.