Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declaration


Below are direct links to Centrum Pæle’s EPDs on our product range. All EPDs are available in EPD Denmark’s database.

Centrum Pæle’s EPD’s

Prefabricated steel-reinforced concrete pile & Energy Pile

Centrum Pæle’s EPD’s

CPG-Pile Joint to use in Precast Concrete Pile

Centrum Pæle’s EPD’s

Conical Mast Foundation Pile in steel-reinforced concrete

Centrum Pæle’s EPD’s

Mast Foundation Pile in steel-reinforced concrete, Ballast block for stretching cable, and Extension of piles by ½ meter

Centrum Pæle’s EPD’s

Rock Shoes for Precast Concrete Piles .

Guide: importing to LCABuild

Centrum Pæle has prepared a guide for importing our EPDs into the LCAByg program. Click here to open the guide.

Need our EPDs in other languages?

On EPDdanmark’s database, you will find all language versions.

Below you will find our EPDs published by EPD Denmark. All EPDs are developed in accordance with the requirements of EN 15804 and are verified by an independent 3rd party.